Tom Earl’s Online Expression Session Free Write : Self-Love and Royalty

Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory. Now and forever.

KINGDOM - I need to remember that - we run our kingdoms, we occupy our space, we have a right to take it up and embody it and shape it. That is what our freedom really means, and even if we find ourselves bound by physical borders, we can do like Marley says and liberate our mental ones.

POWER - The power is our truth - because genuine resonates. But we don’t need to act like keeping it real means using truth as a machete. We need to own that our words can be mightier than swords - whether penned down or spoken, and we should let them flow like elegant calligraphy - uplifting the world around us while maintaining their authenticity.

GLORY - The glory can also be a wonderful tightrope walk between bad-assery and humility. And remembering that without glorifiers, there may not be glory. I like to look very closely at those throwing rose petals, before I bask in them. And I have to know that the strongest praise is coming from my own values and people I value the most , or it rings hollow.

EVER - And when I’m in my own presence, I must always acknowledge all this in the present, casting aside anxiety about the future, or concerns about the past. Knowing it is up to me, to keep sacred the way I rein myself and reign myself, today and always.