Tom Earl’s Online Expression Session Free Write : Status Quo

I struggle to think of people I know who are living their lives on their own terms. I can think of people who say they are - people like Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard who teach you to create your own status quo and live within it. Or people like Oprah who seem equipped with all the resources, experiences and hard won life lessons at every level who stand as a dark beacons of aspiration. But truth is, I know them as well as I know everyone else whose facebook status proclaims a life that may or may not be unfolding as their pictures and words suggest.

I can maybe try to unpick from the lives of those around me who is deliberately creating their own status quo - perhaps the Bishop Katherine Roskum who had lived many lives before coming to the church and rising to the top of it. Who uses her platform to talk about social justice and actively pursues it. Maybe it is something older woman grow into if it escapes them in their youth - the freedom to wear purple velvet from head to toe and say or do as they please without caring about other people’s responses. Their status quo is whatever they damn well want.

However, because status quo is really about the internal being, the personal equilibrium, perhaps we can never know who is thriving in a status quo of their own making. But the truth remains that we all live in a status quo of our own making. What we need to constantly challenge though is how much of this we made on purpose, and how much of it is destroying our joy and our hopefulness. And we have to decide too, how much of it we’re willing to dismantle and rebuild on purpose for our own sakes. Otherwise, we’ll be the ones who trapped our own selves in status updates that have nothing to do with our own peace of mind.