Grooving into 2017

It’s been rather a while since my last message, and quite a year too!

I made a short film called ‘The Venecian’ months ago, and a little while back that short film went on to win Best LA Comedy at the ACME Hollywood Film Festival. Perhaps I can finally call myself an Angeleno now?

I also launched my African reality dating series ‘A Suitable Spouse’ – and the whole series can be found with the link on the picture – episode 1 is free, and you can get to know the candidates and matchmakers a bit more on the website – Some of you might see some familiar faces as the episodes and eliminations go on.

I started a bi-weeklyish web series with my partner Tom called ‘Bring to the Table’ - where we celebrate everyday leadership and the leaders that walk amongst us. The Trivia episode linked in the image seems to have resonated with lots of people.

I’m especially happy Tom and I were able to do Bring To The Table together, because in between his other numerous amazing projects, Tom also managed to launch more awesomeness with THE Celebration Academy. His 6 week course is such a great way to start 2017 and I’m incredibly proud I was able to assist in getting such a helpful (and affordable) resource out into the world.

And as I’ve been reflecting on my year, I’ve also been striving to offer my thoughts on a more regular basis – it feels kind of selfish and bonsai living to keep them so close, so in that spirit I’m filling up my blog/vlog with more regularity. I felt like talking about the cool movie Fences a few days ago, and I was moved to speak up about Moonlight and Rag Tag yesterday. Depending on how far I get with the settings, you may get an alert of some type each time the spirit moves me to express some more. I’m hoping you’ll be moved to share your thoughts in return.

Wishing you Happy Everything this New Year!

Adaora x